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Avast with databases of 5 December buggy? Internet stopped working.

It turned out that the problem of mass, avast bases of December 5, hlyuknuv (only on Win XP).

Avast false positive on some Russian operating systems Microsoft Windows XP.

December 5, 2012 revealed a false positive free avast!

Most developers have asked for forgiveness:
From individual developers apologize in current databases renovation avast! has removed a false positive on a system file TCPIP.sys.
Please consider the fact that if you avast worked 6 December after 14.00, and receive updates and you were online, you have gone online through no fault of antivirus Avast - contact your provider as a false positive was eliminated in the evening of the 5th of December (December 6 in the morning Moscow time).

Do you need help in solving this problem in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, HUST, Tiachev, Rahov and large bullock? Call our specialist 380979661803 give you advice.

Which antivirus is the best? Which antivirus to choose?

Антивирус AVG Загальновідомо, що комп’ютер повинен бути надійно захищений від шкідливих програм (вірусів). Для цього на нього повинен бути встановлений якісний антивірус, який повинен регулярно оновлюватися. Погляди більшості користувачів звернені на широко розрекламовані платні антивіруси. Багато начулися про Антивірус Касперського, Доктор Веб і інші, але тих, хто чув про їх безкоштовні аналоги, набагато менше. Давайте спробуємо розібратися Which antivirus is the best?

Most inexperienced users do not know anything about the availability of free anti-virus, but nevertheless, they are, even free of charge, have most of the features of their "big brothers", and why they had to concede.

With free antivirus deservedly the best are Avast! Home Edition (The program is free for home use) and AVG Free Antivirus.

Антивирус Nod32 After analyzing the opportunities these programs, we can say that if a user no special requirements - availability firewall, anti-spam functions - to protect it fraudulent messages to verify their applications in a secure environment - "SandBox", is a free antivirus little inferior paid.

Look at our brief review of the company's products are absolutely nvyh Symantec Norton One and Norton 360 everywhere

What are the disadvantages of free antivirus?

Until znachuschim disadvantages of free antivirus include, of course, no possibility of using these programs for commercial purposes and organizations, as well as the worst level of product support, partially offset by the integral documentation.

Какой антивирус лучше выбрать? In conclusion, we note that ideal antivirus in terms of search and Malware no, and no guarantee that one antivirus, whether that charge, which is free, can detect and remove all types of malware.

To ensure the removal of all viruses from your computer we recommend using one additional full-time antivirus and antivirus scan utititu such Free DrWeb CureiT !, What does not interfere with regular programs. You can always buy antivirus in our company or for free consult by phone: 380979661803.

If you have a problem with the computer, but the Internet is still use our remote computer help.

As we know, not all antivirus protects against viruses extortionists.

Trojan.WinLock.3333 universal instruction

Phones and account numbers are changing.
This banner is unlock codes.
You can search here


If you can not locate the unlock code, then use a cunning way.

1) When you turn on the computer, press and hold down F8
(Here I slightly obmanyvayu.Delo that certain models of laptops entry in the BIOS also invoked with F8. Therefore push button immediately after enrollment, and 1-2 seconds later)
Until the Advanced Options menu.

2) Choose Directory Services Restore (only domain controller Windows).
3) Press Enter.

4) Again press Enter.

Then wait for boot

5) Push So.

Appears desktop.

6) Now press the Machine-Vikonati

7) A window "Run Program". Injected into the appeared window word msconfig

8) In the box Setting up PC Sistemi perehodimo a tab Startup.

Typically this vinlok prescribed by Desktop subscriber in paptsі Temp.
The file itself is hidden in nenastroennoy Explorer is not visible.

Name the file, as a rule consists of a set of numbers and start from scratch.
Наприклад 0.7097480452486065.exe або 0.8341312541728995.exe
In cases odelnyh file name is different, like 312.exe

9) Next, we simply znímaêmo galočku and press OK.

10) A box with a question about restarting .... Choose Restart.

The system should boot without vinloka.

————————————————– ——————————————

If all goes with a bang, an immensely proud 🙂 and try to help others.

And for this we try to find myself I've found vinloka (da-da. .. it is still in the system and not deleted ... is itself dead weight).

I. Push Start-panel upravlіnnya

II. Click on Switch to Classic View

III. Choose Vlastivostí Folder

IV. Click on the tab Appearance

V. dip slightly lower (c slider 1) and click on Show hidden files and folders (In Fig. During No. 2)

VI. Push Apply and then click OK
VII. Now the Desktop looking for a hidden file

Post this I've found in anti laboratoriyi.https :/ / vms.drweb.com / sendvirus /


Here is a short list of popular Trojan (September) response codes:

Trojan. WinLock. 2753 to number U299870863127

We all had to meet these Trojans that block vindovs. Here is the code to unlock. Can anyone he comes in handy.

md5: 86843E40A0EFCC74FB41A317AB3F6CDC


unlock code: 9109101313