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ehelp-assistantToday, the computer is a very important device for work and study. There are situations when breaking a computer, laptop or other digital equipment at home can have unpleasant consequences for a person. In this case, we offer you a professional service: call a computer help master! All you have to do is call a computer technician at home, and the rest is his job. Our computer support provides a full range of services, from installing Windows to repairing computers and laptops. Repairs and adjustments of any complexity are carried out. Extensive experience, quality and relatively reasonable prices make our company one of the leaders in the market of computer assistance and computer repair in Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia.

How do I call a computer wizard home?
Fill Online Form Call, and we will contact you shortly. Explain the problem by phone and agree on the cost of services, as well as the desired time of arrival of the computer master at home. Wait for the arrival of a computer specialist at the agreed time.

Our wizards also provide remote assistance, which will allow you to quickly and securely perform remote system administration. We can help you troubleshoot computer issues without worrying about the security of your data. Order remote help now Remote Assistance

It should be understood that hardware repairs of laptops are usually carried out in a service center. At the same time, our engineer or courier comes to your home, and he returns the repaired laptop. Our clients have a rest and do housework when we work.

Computer assistance for laptops without their hardware repair is provided at home or at the request of the customer in the service center. Our telephone managers will help determine the possible breakdown of your computer or laptop and will advise on all matters. Just call the computer master at home, and all the other difficulties are our daily work.

Computer assistance at home, repair of computers and laptops are all priorities of our company. We provide computer assistance at home in Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia. We will be very glad to see you among our clients.