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Wireless networking (Wi-Fi)

wi-fiWireless network (Wi-Fi) is a modern technology that enables wireless data exchange. Today, the Wi-Fi network is widespread all over the globe. Turning on the laptop in almost any corner of the region, you will find a large number of Wi-Fi points. Unfortunately, such popularity of the Wi-Fi network leads to the fact that users who have installed Wi-Fi at home increasingly make mistakes in its configuration. The consequence of incorrect Wi-Fi device settings may be an unauthorized connection to your wireless network with the aim of intercepting personal data or simply a desire to use the Internet at someone else's expense. The wireless network allows you to be online regardless of your location: exchange data, send and receive mail, find the necessary information on the Internet.
Today, wireless networks are convenient and well protected, which allows the use of this type of network technology in the home.
Setting up wi-fi will provide independence from wires and allow you to stay in touch with the world even outside the apartment. Almost every laptop already has a built-in wireless adapter, you just need to set up wi-fi! Well, if you have a stationary computer, you should not turn your back on this technology anyway.

Wi-Fi це:

  • No extra wires in apartment
  • Ability to add new computer network in seconds
  • Mobility Internet
  • Data transfer up to 300Mbit/sek

Protection against intrusion into your network through advanced algorithms

Wireless networks are made mainly for small offices (no more than 20 machines) and for ordinary users who have several computers at home and do not want to drag wires throughout the apartment. However, setting up wi-fi is possible on any number of computers using signal repeaters. Our specialists will help you choose the necessary equipment for setting up wi-fi and program it. If Wi-Fi is installed through the router, it becomes possible to connect additional computers automatically and organize simplified public access to the Internet.

We have been installing and configuring networks for more than 7 years and have accumulated a sufficient amount of experience. Our specialists will help you to implement multi-lane or one-to-one access between your computers. Do you need to set up a Wi-Fi network in the office or at home? Or connect your computers to the Internet via a wireless network? Call us! There are several ways to organize your network:
Easily connect to the internet via wifi.
Actually if you have one computer, and you just need internet wirelessly.

How 2 or more computers on a private network without a router.
Allows you to link a PC using the wireless adapter and enable Internet access to all computers in 1 kanal.Plyusy: cheapness.

How 2 or more computers in a private network with a router.
The same as above, only the exchange of data goes through a router. Pros: Independent access to the network and the Internet from other computers. Cons: high cost

Network types:

Wireless home network

A wireless Wi-Fi network is the most modern way to connect all your devices, the most convenient and quite economical. Creating and configuring a wireless home network is the easiest way to realize the idea of ​​a "digital home." Just imagine: you are free from the need to wire the entire apartment or house. You are not tied to any particular place and you can connect to the Internet on your laptop while sitting in a comfortable chair. If you have several computers or laptops, by setting up a home Wi-Fi network, several users will be able to connect to the Internet at the same time. Setting up a home Wi-Fi network should be done with the same responsibility as setting up any other network - because you don't want share the Internet and the details of your life with your neighbors for free? KOmP Systems will help not only create a wireless home network, but also provide professional setup of a wireless home network and setup of Wi-Fi Internet access.

Wi Fi-мережа для офісу

A wireless network in the office is most often created not as the main one, but as an addition to the already existing cable network. Modern offices have not completely switched to wireless connections. This is explained by the fact that when connecting computers to a network using a cable, a well-protected communication channel is organized, and faster navigation on the Internet is also possible.

Wi Fi-network for a country house

If you prefer your country house or cottage not only for recreation, but also for work and sometimes arrange a home office in it, where you need to have access to the Internet from any place in your cottage, even the most remote, entrust the creation and configuration of a wireless KOmP Systems Wi-Fi network! A wireless network in a country house will allow you not only to connect several devices to a Wi-Fi network, but also to use alternative methods of accessing the Internet through cellular operators (Kyivstar, MTS, Beeline, Life) on all wireless devices * or satellite Internet.

From a regular home wireless network, a Wi-Fi network for a country house differs, as a rule, in the need to install several access points. To ensure high-quality Wi-Fi signal transmission and reliable Wi-Fi network setup, KOmP Systems design the wireless network more carefully due to the high sensitivity of the Wi-Fi signal to the layout of the house and the thickness of the walls.

We can help you:

Налаштування Wi-Fi роутера вдома

Wi-Fi home - is the ability to connect any computer devices to the Internet with no thought of the wires to move around the apartment with the laptop.

Налаштування Wi-Fi роутера в офісі

Wi-Fi network in the office - is a good solution for both small, and large offices.

Setting up Wi-Fi - a task that requires an individual approach to each individual situation. KOmP Systems Specialists are ready to provide you with services such as:

  • Help me choose the Wi-Fi-router;
  • Setting up and connecting Wi-Fi-router;
  • Installation of Wi-Fi-adapter to the PC;
  • Connecting a PC to a wireless network;
  • Configuring Network Security Wi-Fi;
  • Organization Sharing in Wi-Fi networks

Налаштування Wi-Fi роутера today one of the most popular services. Many users have already appreciated the advantages provided bezdrotova merezha Wi-Fi.

Налаштування Wi-Fi роутера вдома

Wi-Fi home - is the ability to connect any computer devices to the Internet with no thought of the wires to move around the apartment with the laptop.

Налаштування Wi-Fi роутера в офісі

Wi-Fi network in the office - is a good solution for both small, and large offices.

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