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software-installAn operating system with pre-installed programs alone is not enough to fully use all the capabilities of a computer. For work, you may need both well-known Microsoft Office office programs and lesser-known Open Office, or multimedia players, or electronic dictionaries, or accounting software. When any program for unknown reasons refuses to install or work correctly, feel free to contact KOmP Systems, who, having arrived at a convenient time, will install and configure the necessary software. Our specialists, in addition to installing programs, will configure the Windows operating system and drivers of various devices for the most efficient operation of the software.

If you need to install software for the office or home, be sure to call us. Our specialists install and debug programs on the customer's computer. We have very low prices, which we try not to increase, and there is a permanent system of discounts.

All software provided by us is licensed or freely distributed. We install operating systems Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, etc.; almost all office programs that exist at the moment. We also install mail programs such as Outlook Express. We install various types of browsers Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

We also put special applications like AutoCAD, MathCAD, PCAD, 1C, and many others.

Master computer service install, make adjustment programs (including those of your assemblies) and test it on the lack of conflict in the system for correct file associations.

We install and configure the following operating systems:

The services in this category include:

  • installation of operating systems (Windows, Unix systems, MacOS)
  • different kinds of games,
  • Office applications (packages Open Office and Microsoft Office),
  • antivirus and antivirus utilities

Configuring applications:

  • network security
  • Media applications
  • graphics and music editors,
  • OCR,
  • Online and Offline browsers
  • Installation typing tutor,
  • viewers,
  • translators and electronic dictionaries
  • archiving,
  • accounting and specialized software
  • monitoring, diagnostics and testing hardware computer
  • installation software for recording media CD / DVD,
  • file managers,
  • and any other software distributions customer.

Computer experts from our team install and configure any multimedia programs quickly and efficiently. Despite the fact that in the global network today you can download many programs for various purposes, including multimedia programs, in order to avoid infecting your computer with viruses, you should trust only verified sources of downloading information, therefore we always recommend that the installation of any multimedia programs performed only by specialists.

Once installed, most of the necessary configuration because it establishes work under a specific user - this is another important reason why the installation of any multimedia programs must be carried out by people who are qualified.

We only work with licensed software!

Call now, do not delay (380) 97966-18-03. You will be surprised by our prices and quick leaving the wizard.