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information-securityToday, information is one of the main and valuable assets of a modern person or organization. That is why the problem of information security is very important. Ensuring information security, information protection. With the growth of scientific and technological progress will increase the importance of information security of citizens, society and the state. That is, information has become a factor that can lead to significant technological accidents, military conflicts and defeats in them, disrupt public administration, financial system, research centers, and the higher the level of intellectualization and informatization of society, the more reliable information security. , people and states are increasingly carried out through informatization. Given the fact that under the influence of information attacks can purposefully change the worldview and morals of individuals and society as a whole, impose other people's interests, motives, lifestyle, to the forefront is the analysis of the nature and forms of modern methods of covert aggression. , manifestation of actions that have a purposeful aggressive nature and are contrary to the interests of national security, the development of mechanisms to counter them in all directions.

Our company has extensive experience in developing data security systems. Our information security specialists use the following tools to ensure information security:

  • антивірусний захист і захист від спаму
  • defense communication channels (VPN)
  • контроль Інтернет-трафіку
  • розмежування доступу до інтернет-ресурсів
  • контроль доступу до портів і периферійних пристроїв
  • prevention systems and intrusion detection (IDS / IPS)

Modern information security infrastructure, in addition to performing immediate tasks, also allows you to optimize the use of working time and reduce administrative costs by increasing employee productivity. The task of information protection should be solved through the simultaneous use of different means of protection (hardware, software, physical, organizational, etc.) under centralized management. All these components of the system must interact and protect information from external and internal threats.