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Trojan.WinLock.3333 universal instruction

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If you can not locate the unlock code, then use a cunning way.

1) When you turn on the computer, press and hold down F8
(Here I slightly obmanyvayu.Delo that certain models of laptops entry in the BIOS also invoked with F8. Therefore push button immediately after enrollment, and 1-2 seconds later)
Until the Advanced Options menu.

2) Choose Directory Services Restore (only domain controller Windows).
3) Press Enter.

4) Again press Enter.

Then wait for boot

5) Push So.

Appears desktop.

6) Now press the Machine-Vikonati

7) A window "Run Program". Injected into the appeared window word msconfig

8) In the box Setting up PC Sistemi perehodimo a tab Startup.

Typically this vinlok prescribed by Desktop subscriber in paptsі Temp.
The file itself is hidden in nenastroennoy Explorer is not visible.

Name the file, as a rule consists of a set of numbers and start from scratch.
Наприклад 0.7097480452486065.exe або 0.8341312541728995.exe
In cases odelnyh file name is different, like 312.exe

9) Next, we simply znímaêmo galočku and press OK.

10) A box with a question about restarting .... Choose Restart.

The system should boot without vinloka.

————————————————– ——————————————

If all goes with a bang, an immensely proud 🙂 and try to help others.

And for this we try to find myself I've found vinloka (da-da. .. it is still in the system and not deleted ... is itself dead weight).

I. Push Start-panel upravlіnnya

II. Click on Switch to Classic View

III. Choose Vlastivostí Folder

IV. Click on the tab Appearance

V. dip slightly lower (c slider 1) and click on Show hidden files and folders (In Fig. During No. 2)

VI. Push Apply and then click OK
VII. Now the Desktop looking for a hidden file

Post this I've found in anti laboratoriyi.https :/ / vms.drweb.com / sendvirus /


Here is a short list of popular Trojan (September) response codes:

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