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Installation of network and Internet

install-network-internetIf you need to install a network in the office and connect your computers to the Internet, be sure to call us. Our employee will come to you and establish the cost of the work and the terms of their completion. And will offer the best proposal for setting up a network and connecting to the Internet. We will choose the provider you need and choose the method of connecting to the Internet. This can be either an ADSL connection based on a telephone line or a connection through a mobile operator that is available in your area.

We also make wireless networks based on Wi-Fi technologies, which allow you to create a network without any wires. Of course, there are speed limitations, but there are no bundles of wires and ease of setup. Wireless networks are made mainly for small offices (no more than 20 machines) and for ordinary users who have several computers at home and do not want to drag wires throughout the apartment. We also connect individuals to the Internet. We are not providers, we only help to choose the optimal connection and configure it. We connect modems of such providers as Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar, MTS.

Type of internet connection that we carry:

  • Mobile Internet
  • Through ADSL modem
  • Through regular modem (dial-up)
  • Because GSM modem (mobile phone)
  • WI-FI internet

In addition, we are engaged in the settings and the mobile internet connection.

Access to the Internet through a traditional Dial-Up modem is characterized by its simplicity and relative availability. To use this Internet, it is enough to buy or rent a modem and have a telephone line. However, the low speed of such Internet and hourly pricing force us to look for new ways to solve the problem of Internet access. The most modern and convenient way is to connect to the Internet using Wi Max or Wi Fi technology. A special antenna is installed on the roof of your office or residential building, which receives the Internet from the base station. This technology is completely protected from the influence of external factors and provides standard and reliable access to the Internet at any time of the day. Mobile Internet allows you to always be "online", but its speed also leaves much to be desired. Another traditional way of connecting to the Internet is the installation and configuration of an ADSL modem (router). This connection is distinguished by quite high stability, good speed.

Choose different ways to connect

Everyone wants to have fast Internet at home, but not everyone knows that there are many different ways to connect. By choosing the most optimal of them, the user gets not only instant access to the global network, but also significant savings. Our specialists install and configure the Internet using the most advanced technologies:


Technology ADSL - Asymmetric modification is digital subscriber line.

Apple iPod

Cable networks for the low cost of giving access to the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mb / s.

Optical Network

Fiber optic network by shyrokopolosnosty enable the transfer of huge amounts of data at high speeds.

Mobile Internet (GPRS, 3G)

Most mobile operators offer mobile internet services. You can buy 3G modems from Kyivstar, MTS, Intertelecom, Life, etc. in cellular communication salons. 3G modem Internet settings are performed on a computer. If you want to access the network on a mobile phone, then you need to configure the protocols yourself.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are made mainly for small offices (no more than 20 machines) and for ordinary users who have several computers at home and do not want to drag wires throughout the apartment. However, network setup is possible on any number of computers using signal repeaters. Our specialists will help you choose the necessary equipment for network setup and program it. In the case of setting up a network through a router, it becomes possible to connect additional computers automatically, and to organize simplified public access to the Internet.

Call and tell us what you want and experts advise connect advantageous option of all.

Our experts will help you understand the latest Internet connection technologies and install the most profitable Internet. Do you need to set up a local network in the office or at home and connect your computers to the Internet? Call us! Our employee will come to you on the day of receipt of the application and establish the cost of the work and the terms of their completion, offer the best offer for the service of setting up the network and connecting to the Internet. We solve problems related to failures in already established networks, as well as failures of active hardware or servers. Setting up a local network can also be done in one stroke - when the master comes to you, he has several models of active equipment in his hands to choose from. We also create wireless wi-fi networks that allow you to create two-way access without any wires.

To use the network you need to connect the Internet and configure it properly.

Call now, do not delay (380) 97966-18-03. You will be surprised by our prices and quick leaving the wizard.