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Our company is engaged in maintenance and configuring computers for your business in Transcarpathia. If you want to always be sure stable operation of their computers secure valuable information for you, operational and qualitative debugging, then feel free to contact us! price list.

Subscriber service

services-for-businessCustomer service individuals and small organizations, small and medium business - is an effective way to save money.

Installation of networks and equipment

services-for-businessOur company successfully implements projects for installation of local networks of varying complexity.

Working with Data

services-for-businessNeed to restore the files may be in any organization for viruses, failures of various operating and file systems, which results in inaccessibility of all the information available on the hard disk.

Maintenance of office equipment

services-for-businessAll come to an end, and the toner in the cartridge as well.

IT Outsourcing Services

services-for-businessOur company provides system management servers (IT-outsourcing).

Websites Development

services-for-businessWe provide a full range of services necessary to support and promote businesses on the Internet: the development, production and promotion, web design, advertising and others.

Installing and configuring software

services-for-businessIf you need to put the software for the office or home, make sure you call us.

Information Security

services-for-businessTo date, information is one of the most important and valuable assets of a modern person or organization.

IT Audit and IT consulting

services-for-businessKOmP Systems offers a full range of services (including it-consulting, it-audit, etc.) to support and develop information systems, including the expansion of the program functionality, adapt to new requirements, server maintenance and support infrastructure, integration with

Office turnkey

services-for-businessCompany KOmP Systems is ready to take over the functions of procurement of equipment for your office. After the supply of computer equipment and software.