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ekonom-1bOur company provides server system administration services (it outsourcing). All our system administrators have many years of experience working with highly loaded services that require round-the-clock stable operation, with services with high requirements for information security, and possess extensive knowledge in the architecture of operating systems and various applications. Our company provides reliable, secure and ITIL-compliant support and management services for any type of Unix and Microsoft server infrastructure. We provide a complete outsourcing solution for managing the day-to-day operations of your servers that is reliable, secure and in line with best practices. Our server management services exclusively focus on any type of Linux and Windows servers. Our team has professional and certified system administrators.

Installation, configuration and administration of servers - using this service gives you the opportunity to always be absolutely sure of the security and optimal operation of your server. We will also help you reduce the costs of maintaining a full-time system administrator, because the cost of installing a server and maintaining it with us is much lower than the market salaries of qualified system administrators. We offer installation and configuration of servers at the lowest prices.

Features of the Service:

  • Remote monitoring of 24 × 7 networks, to determine performance and prevent security.
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Ми пропонуємо наступні послуги в цій галузі

  • Адміністрація сервера Linux
  • Адміністрація Windows Server
  • Сервер адміністрування веб -сервер і поштовий
  • Управління файлами сервера
  • Адміністрація сервера доменних імен
  • Directory Services (ADS and LDAP) administration
  • Business applications (CRM, VRM and HRM) Server Management
  • Database Administration Server
  • Administering users and security groups


Our company deals with:

  • administration of FreeBSD / Linux / Windows servers;
  • installation / reinstallation / configuration / monitoring of FreeBSD / Linux / Windows servers;
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  • safety and optimization of servers
  • Setting up DSN and DHCP servers
  • Configuring VPN-Server
  • Configuring the mail server