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windowsWindows - the operating system installed on most modern computers.

Our service center specializes in installing the Windows operating system. We provide a range of services for activating and configuring the program. You can order installation of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. We do NOT work with pirated software, but use only licensed programs. All versions of the operating system are fully tested and work perfectly.

Features of the Windows operating systems

Windows XP was released in 2001 and immediately gained worldwide popularity. The operating system is adapted for individuals and work use. A Professional version has been released for commercial organizations, and private users can purchase the less expensive Home edition. The advantages of this OS include an attractive interface, high security and speed. In addition, the operating system has relatively modest system requirements. However, today software developers do not always anticipate the operation of their product with this OS.

Windows Vista is not as widespread as its predecessor, XP. One of the reasons is high system requirements. The operating system is really beautiful, but not every computer is suitable for its full operation. Still, you can find users who are completely satisfied with Vista. It is available in seven variations: from Starter to Enterprise.

Windows 7 was released in 2009. In 2011, almost half of PC owners installed this operating system, and to date it has not lost its leading position. The undoubted advantage of the "Seven" is its compatibility with most drivers. The OS detects many of them automatically, and it allows you to use drivers written for Windows Vista. What are the numbers worth - in the first year of its existence, Windows Seven 240 million users have purchased its licensed version!

In 2012, Windows 8 was introduced to the world community. The OS has implemented a completely new Metro interface in the form of application tiles. Users can choose a classic desktop. In general, the new operating system has completely updated the look. The user can create their own Microsoft account and sync settings. In the OS you can see a number of updates: Task Manager, Control Panel, Search, Switch Keyboard Layouts and more. The operating system can be used on tablets and other portable devices.

Коли потрібна установка систем сімейства Windows

Windows installation is required in several cases: when you buy a new PC or laptop; you are not satisfied with the capabilities of the old operating system, and you want to restore and improve them; you have caught a virus that has greatly affected the performance of the OS. If you are not an advanced user, our specialists will help you deal with any difficulties related to the PC and operating system.

  • Buying a new computer - Stores usually sell PCs without any operating system. In some cases, the operating system is delivered immediately, but after a while it will request an activation key. Remember, no computer store employee will be able to install Windows for free.
  • Upgrade your computer - for example, you have upgraded some component parts of the computer (CPU, motherboard) and your old operating system "pulls" the new features of the computer.
  • Virus infection - If computer viruses slipped, it could seriously affect the system performance.
  • Installation of 2nd system - Let's say you own a Mac or Makbuk and want to have two different computer operating systems for different purposes.

Scho enter perevstanovku:

Reinstalling Windows is a collection of these components.



3. Drivers. Based on a list of devices that will be connected to the computer, CompsHELP specialists will install the drivers and utilities that are needed for them to work properly. come on the same disk with the system.






After installing Windows needs to be activated via the official website of the manufacturer.

Installing and reinstalling Windows (windose) service center and at home - is always prompt, careful attention to each client and nice price for services.
It is recommended to periodically update and reinstall Windows to ensure quick work of all processes and programs.