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Новини | KOmP Systems - Part 3

How do I transfer photos from camera to computer

Today virtually no remaining users of personal computers that don't have a digital camera or mobile phone with the function of making photographs. In this article we will describe how to transfer photos to your computer, because such a need will sooner or later appear. (more…)

How to download via torrent?

How to download files via torrent? Download files via torrent very simply, on a par with those as convenient. You get access to millions of files at maximum speed, and free. (more…)

How to split a file into pieces

Situations where you want to split a file into several parts, there often. (more…)

How to overclock graphics card

Overclocking the graphics card on a laptop. Probably many of you want to game went faster on your laptop. To do this, of course, you can replace the graphics card on a laptop. But what if there is no possibility to replace the graphics card? Correctly. You need to overclock your graphics card. (more…)

How to download music to iPhone

How to download music on your iPhone. Before we are acquainted with the process of downloading music on the iPhone, I would like to tell a little about the principle of operation of media player iTunes. In fact, he is not the only player, to the more suitable name is medìakombajn, so that in addition to playing music, iTunes is the keeper of all media designed for the iPhone, iPod or iPad. (more…)

How to clean laptop keyboard?

How to clean a laptop keyboard? No matter how carefully we are not working on the computer, the keyboard is dirty with time. And if you clean the keyboard of a conventional personal computer is relatively easy, with the cleansing pad laptop will have to tinker, because it is not the external device as part of your laptop. How to clean a laptop keyboard? (more…)

How to clean a keyboard

How to clean the keyboard. Initial review of the keyboard. You is not working keyboard not respond to some of the keys. The most common repair keyboard - it is cleaning it from dirt. (more…)

How to change the Windows kernel

The core of the system can be changed in Device Manager - properties in Device Computer.
It should be noted that the effects of installing the wrong kernel unpredictable. Most likely your computer just stops to load in all modes. (more…)

How to flash the motherboard BIOS?

How to Flash the BIOS?. Update drivers in order to get rid of glitches of various devices or to increase their opportunities for a long time was the prosaic operation for many users. (more…)