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How to flash the motherboard BIOS?

How to Flash the BIOS?. Update drivers in order to get rid of glitches of various devices or to increase their opportunities for a long time was the prosaic operation for many users.

In most cases, the source of malfunctions of computer devices is the chipset of the motherboard or motherboard BIOS firmware. But when in the first case, we can do just installing the driver the newer version in the second case so easily happen will not work (in this case have to do flashing BIOS motherboard).
Prišivka BIOпрошивка BIOS материнської платиS
BIOS – basic input/output system. This is the kind of program that is required for a public work of the devices on your computer. The BIOS performs the role of a mediator between devices a computer and its operating system. Flash means that the BIOS can overwrite many times. Currently Flash BIOS is almost all motherboards.(interesting article about disabling Autorun)
Where is done flashing the BIOS of the motherboard?
Flashing the BIOS is a small file with the extension *. bin. New firmware BIOS motherboard can always be found on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard. To not go on the manufacturer's website for the new firmware BIOS, visit the subscribe to newsletter. Then when will new firmware BIOS motherboard you will be notified by mail to the address that you specified.
And also besides the firmware will need a program loader which performs overwriting the BIOS. This program can be found on the disc with drivers for the motherboard or download from the manufacturer's website. You may not use the program performs overwriting the BIOS from other manufacturers, because there is no guarantee that they will make no mistakes.
Flashing the BIOS of the motherboard
The process of flashing the BIOS of the motherboard is in many ways similar to the installation of the drivers, but the differences are and one of them is that the whole process will occur in DOS. In the first place before you make overwrite the BIOS disable caching System BIOS and Video BIOS. This can be done in the BIOS Setup setting in BIOS Chacheable Unchecked System and Video Bios Chacheable. Then at the beginning of loading computer press F8, then should the menu appears, select Safe mode command prompt only. Now we need to run any file manager and using it, go to the directory in which the program to overwrite the BIOS and the firmware. If there is no Manager you will have to enter it manually using commands.
Before you record a new version of the BIOS program asks whether you want to keep the old version. You must agree, because the new version of the BIOS can not work as I wanted to and you want to return to the old one. But it happens very rarely. That's all motherboard BIOS flashed by. That's all about firmware BIOS motherboard.
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