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How to create Internet radio

How to create your own Internet radio. The Internet is rapidly evolving, the width of the channel users is getting wider, and this means that the network they come not only text information and pictures, but also to listen to music and watch the video. Because online radio stations are becoming popular. How to create Internet radio?

Many people believe that to create Internet radio is very difficult, since its creation will need a powerful and expensive server software.Як створити інтернет-радіоTo narrow circle of listeners, you can avoid serious costs.
Create your own Internet Radio
To create Internet radio, you'll need a fairly powerful computer, a Web feed, and special software. There are various programs that allow you to create Internet radio, we will create an online radio station for example free SOFTWARE, Shoutcast.
Creation of internet radio via Shoutcast
The basis of your radio will be the popular audio player Winamp, also you need to download from the website of shoutcast.com SHOUTcast Server two programs – and the SHOUTcast plug-in. start to install and configure the server. Running the installer, select the server, then go to the directory in which the program is established, and any text editor open the file sc_serv .ini file.
For a complete list of server configuration can be found on the website of shoutcast.com, let's talk about the basic settings. You should enter three main options:
PortBase: port on which will run the server (default is port 8000, you'd better not change if you free);
MaxUser: the maximum number of users who can simultaneously listen to a radio station;
Password??: password for remote administration of the server, we recommend that you pick up a combination difficult.
Now install the SHOUTcast plug-in and run Winamp. Go to the options screen, locate the DSP/Effect, then Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP. Click Configure active plug-in. settings window click Output and activate the option Connect at Startup, and the Automatic Reconnection on Connection Failure.
Then fill in the following fields:
Address-the IP address of the computer on which is installed the server (if the server is on the same computer, enter or Localhost);
Port - Port (taken from the server settings);
Password - password (taken from the settings of the server).
All the other settings until you leave the default and click the tab Encoder. Here is a customizable type of audio codec, bitrate and audio broadcast mode (mono or stereo). You can save up to five groups of settings and switch between groups depending on the bandwidth and the number of listeners.
In the Input set up what will be on the air: music or music and voice. To transfer only music in the drop-down list, choose the option for Winamp, music and voice – the Soundcard Input. For Soundcard Input the following options are available:
Open Mixer - Mixer is a window system;
Push to Talk - activates the ability to simultaneously transmit broadcast music and voice from microphone, "sticky" this option activates the button Lock;
Music Level – гучність музики;
BG Music Level is the volume of the background music when working a microphone;
Mic Level - microphone volume;
Fade Time - decay time (change in volume of activation and deactivation mode Push to Talk).
Setting up the plugin, run the server in Winamp click Output and click Connect. To check whether you could create Internet radio, please enter the following address in the address bar:
[Http:// : ]
If the opened page SHOUTcast Server history tracks and the current status of the server, you are all out. To listen radio click on link to Listen or add to the player's address [http://:/listen. pls].
Please note that if you want to give a familiar link to listening to your radio, as the server address you need to use the IP address of your computer on the Internet (or in the local network, if your listeners in your network), the IP address of Localhost/127.0. 0.1 they page radios do not reach!
If you want to set up your radio was available not only to users but also to all the Internet Yellowpages, you must click on the tab Output. If you activate the option Make this server public, on the home page of the shoutcast.com appeared information about your station. But for this you need to write in your description of the Yellowpages stations, genre of music, DJ's contact information.
Also have the ability to create Internet radio using the online management system radio station, for example, radio-tochka.com, radiocms.ru, radiostyle.ru. You create an account on the site, and you are given a certain amount of disk space on the server and channel to a certain width. You can upload and stream your favorite music, and also conduct live esters from your computer.
As you can see, create Internet radio is not so difficult. A little patience – and you can try yourself in the role of a radio DJ.

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