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How to restart your computer

At first glance it does not restart the computer consists of a big deal. This article will show you how to reboot properly if there is a need.
How to restart your computer
Reboot is a process of complete cleaning or restoration of RAM, as well as the recovery of your computer. In addition, there is a restart all system settings, which Як перезавантажити комп'ютерmay be caused by the installation of new equipment or software.
For many users the phrase "Restart computer" causes an association with push-button Reset located on the system unit of the inclusion. However, it should be remembered that this method of porìvnâêmij of vismikuvannâm power supply cord plugs from the outlet, followed by irreversible and quite a long process of restoring systems, or complete denial of computer work. As a rule, such polomkah people primarily blamed computer games and viruses. Perhaps they really were the cause of the breakdowns, but most often such problems caused by misuse of the technique, including incorrect reboot.
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Option to restart the computer by pressing the Reset is relevant only if no way to restart the machine program does not work.
If you have installed??Windows operating system, then in order to restart your computer, simply click the Start button, then click on the button "turn off computer" and with the proposed list choose "Restart".
Also possible cases when the computer just "hangs". Then we press "Caps Lock" or "Num Lock", and if the indicator on the keypad responds to the pressing, trying to use the combination of keys "Ctrl Alt Del, and in the Task Manager dialog box, select the menu item" shutdown ", where we click on the item" restart ".
There is another option, in which the shutdown your computer happens correctly. You need to press the button "Power", which is used to activate the computer and keep it up until the machine shuts down. This same method is used on laptops, since they lack key "Reset".
Finally, you should describe how to reboot your computer in case you suddenly stopped working mouse, which all so used to enjoy and perform a huge number of tasks. First you need to press the key "Windows", which usually depicts the logo of the operating system. If your computer is installed??Windows 7 or Vista, then then you should press the "right arrow" and then Enter. Then use the keys "Left" and "Right", you must activate the "Force shutdown". If this were running any applications, the system displays a dialog box in which she will complete all active processes.
Also without the aid of your mouse, you can restart the computer through Task Manager, which, as already mentioned, is invoked by pressing the key combination "Ctrl Alt Del" or "Ctrl Shift Esc" for his direct call. In this case, you need to press F10 and using the right key to activate the menu item "shutdown", where again using the arrows, choose "Reboot" and press Enter.

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