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How do I transfer bookmarks

Bookmarks in the browser is very necessary and useful thing. If you want to have quick access to the site, which use often, or do not forget where you found the information to you in any case useful bookmarks. But when you change your computer or browser has been all set for themselves. But you can still do a lot easier if you know how to move your bookmarks.
How to Move a bookmark in your browser
Transfer bookmarks from one browser to another or from a computer to another will take you only a few minutes. With this you can use a variety of ways: using exportЯк перенести закладкиin and import bookmarks from an HTML file or by synchronizing. Each of these methods gives you the ability to quickly move all your needed data from one browser to another.
How do I transfer bookmarks: Firefox
Many users work with the browser Firefox. It is very convenient. If you work with this browser, and you need to move all your bookmarks, you can select two options: do it online or offline. If you want to migrate to another computer not only all bookmarks and saved passwords, then you better use data synchronization function of Firefox Sync. Read how to use the synchronization, you can in the article "Firefox Sync: synchronize data."
But this method suits you only change one computer to another. If you need to export your bookmarks from Firefox, for example, in another browser, then here is you must use another function. To do this, on the menu bar, click Bookmarks > show all bookmarks. You can also use a combination of Ctrl Shift B. you will see the bookmarks library. Now you should see all your bookmarks in the right part of the window. For this you need to click on the "bookmarks toolbar" in the menu "all bookmarks". Now at the top of the Panel, click the "import and backup" and click the drop-down menu "Export bookmarks to an HTML file." You have to save the file on your computer. When you change your computer or browser you just remains import that file by performing all of the above steps, you only need to select Import bookmarks in HTML file and all of your bookmarks will be transferred.
If you've previously used another browser and decided to change it to Firefox, you can import your bookmarks so the bookmarks: > Show all bookmarks > import and reserve > import data from another browser. Only worth a note that you can only import data from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
How do I transfer bookmarks: Chrome
Now consider how you can export your bookmarks in a file with Google Chrome. Sign in to your browser settings, in the dropdown menu, select Bookmark > Manager bookmarks. Now click Organize > Export bookmarks to an HTML file. Again, all of your bookmarks will be saved in a file on your computer. On a different computer or browser you just import all the bookmarks from a file. To do this, follow the same action, only select "import bookmarks from an HTML file."
You can easily import bookmarks to Chrome from other browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer). To do this, Google Chrome settings, click Bookmarks> Import bookmarks and settings.
How do I transfer bookmarks: Opera
Even if transferring bookmarks from directly with Chrome in Firefox or Internet Explorer browser is Opera, you have to use only export and import files. Therefore, the menu Bookmark > > manage bookmarks. Before you open all bookmarks in Opera. You can choose to import all bookmarks in a file or only a few. When a bookmark is selected, click File Save > highlighted as HTML. Next, choose the location and name of the document with bookmarks. Import HTML documents into other browsers have already been described above. You can also directly import bookmarks in Opera from Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Again, as in the Opera, and Google Chrome, you can use the synchronization feature in Mozilla Firefox. This will allow you to quickly export all your saved settings on any computer.

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