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How to Buy a Laptop? Or how to understand what is written in the price?

All pricelists computer companies found marking a laptop as a very long strip with some incomprehensible acronyms, letters, numbers and even English.
How to deal with this band?
How to understand this?
As for these tapes to choose a laptop?

For example, take sufficiently powerful notebook with great functionality.
Terrible long strip that describes this laptop is as follows:

Acer Aspire 8930G 18.4 "FullHD (1920 × 1080) WUXGA Glare / Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53GHz) / 4Gb / 640 (320GB 320GB) / GF9700G / Blue-Ray / Lan / FM / WiFi / BT / TV-Tuner / CAM / Vista Ultimate / 4.0 kg

We will understand what it means.
Let's break this long strip apart. Breaking the tape carried by characters slash "/".

Acer Aspire 8930G Acer Laptop manufacturer
Among the popular laptop manufacturers represented in Ukraine are:
ACER - Quite cheap and functional notebooks, good exterior design;
ASUS - Probably the best price / quality ratio, often inferior design to all other producers, and if innovative design, the right price significantly increases;
HP - There are two popular series: Compaq - simple design, office, Pavilion - interesting design solutions, functional ware and multimedia expensive;
Samsung, LG - Known for its unreliability;
Toshiba - Like the ASUS quite optimal price / quality, stylish design which is suitable for business people;
Sony - Expensive laptops, high-quality and usually functional, there are relatively rare, because of the unreliability of the reviews are not known;
DELL - Average price level, often simple in design, reliable enough, you need to consider a specific model.
Fujitsu-Siemens - Cheap laptop link, simple design, the reliability is difficult to say, because only recently appeared on the market of Ukraine;
MSI та Lenevo - Read on forums and online stores.
Aspire Series models (title)
8930G Accurate model of the laptop
18.4 "FullHD (1920 × 1080) WUXGA Glare 18.4″ Screen size in inches. The most common 15.4 ". 17 "and more - this is a great laptop and notebooks with a diagonal of 13.1" and smaller are called netbooks.
FullHD (1920 × 1080) WUXGA Screen resolution -Number dots (pixels) on the screen.
The numbers - the number of pixels in width and height, and the letters - a standard ratio of width and height.
For example:
• WXGA (Wide eXtended Graphics Array) 1280×800 [комп’ютерний стандарт]
• WUXGA (Wide Ultra eXtended Graphics Array) 1920×1200 [комп’ютерний стандарт]
• HD Ready 1280 × 720 [standard LCD-TV]
• FullHD 1920 × 1080 [Standard LCD-TV]
Glare Glossy screen if not available, the matte screen
Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53GHz) Core 2 Duo Type Processor:
Celeron - single core, the manufacturer Intel;
Core 2 Duo - dvohyadernyy, manufacturer Intel;
Core 2 Quad - quad, manufacturer Intel;
Core i7 - quad manufacturer Intel, more modern than the Core 2 Quad;
Atom - special processors for netbooks, the manufacturer Intel;
Athlon 64 X2 - dvohyadernyy, manufacturer AMD.
The more cores - the better in terms of power, but 2 cores and 4 cores does not mean increase in speed 2 or 4 times.
T9400 Model CPU cycles
(2.53GHz) CPU Frequency - parameter which characterizes the speed of the processor, the more - the faster.
4Gb RAM. Used to make the current operations of the computer. The more - the better.
640 (320Gb 320Gb) The size of the hard drive.
GF9700G Video.
Blue-Ray Optical Drive. Perhaps DVD-RW,
DVD-Supermulti, Blue-Ray. The first 2 write and read all the drives (CD, DVD). Blue-Ray - a new format discs. Enough DVD-RW.
Lan Network card. To connect the laptop to the office LAN connection to ADSL-modem at home, etc.
FM FM radio receiver, you can listen to the radio on your computer
WiFi Without a leading communications technology Wi-Fi
BT BlueTooth. But someone still does not know what is it? 😉
TV-Tuner Television receiver in most laptops incompatible with Ukrainian. TV only supports digital TV
Cam Webcam
Vista Ultimate Lícenzíjna Operating System (OS) Windows Vista Ultimate
There are other versions of the system of Vista, such as Basic, Home, etc.
If the option is not specified, then the laptop is sold without a license the operating system, most of the established free operating system Linux, for the Windows you will need to see a specialist.
4.0 kg The weight of the laptop

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