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Program AMMYY ADMIN. How to install Remote Desktop Connection

Ammyy Admin - A free program that helps you to connect to a remote machine and control it easily. All you need to do - have an Internet connection.


Open the browser (the program access to the internet - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and go to the site developer to section downloads . Start downloading Ammyy Admin we selecting the desired version.

After a successful file upload program, go to the folder where the downloaded file (often it's "boot" folder located on drive c in a folder "my documents"):

program Ammyy Admin - image 1

Run the program (to bring the mouse over the file and double-click the left button).

In the "Open File - Security Warning" click "Run":

program Ammyy Admin - image 2

We can start working with the program!

In case you want to connect to a remote computer, it is necessary that the remote computer has also been running a program Ammyy Admin.

Then you need to know the user of the remote computer «ID / IP partner" (sequence of digits) and enter it in the appropriate field program Ammyy Admin:

program Ammyy Admin - Image 3

Then click on the "Subscribe."

What was the message informs you that the user of the remote computer must confirm / enable connection:

program Ammyy Admin - Image 4

The user of the remote computer at this time is able to select options for the future connection:

program Ammyy Admin - Image 5

After you click "Allow" will connect in the window displays the desktop of the remote computer.

If the remote connection to your computer wants to commit your partner, then it is necessary to inform the data from the field "Your ID»:

program Ammyy Admin - Image 6

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