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Errors when connecting

Error 691 problem when connecting VPN:
Possible causes:
1. Incorrect login or password
2. Blocked user administrator. Address in Section teh.pidtrymky
Error 800 problem when connecting VPN:
Possible causes:
1. Firewall blocks outgoing requests addressed to the server (rare)
2. Z'эdnannya VPN in the settings incorrectly configured mail server.
3. Request does not reach the server through physical disturbance (accident on the way to the gateway server).
Localization issues:
1. Check whether LAN works now.
2. Check signal passing via the command ping, propinhuvavshy first gateway, and server authentication:
Nastpni Click the "Start" -> "Run." In the entry field, type the command:
If you open DOS-window you will see something like "Zadannыy node LOGIN disabled" or "Prevыshen interval delay request for DLA," then the problem is in your computer or lines.
If a node vidklyknetsya a certain speed (usually happens very quickly and the window disappears quickly), then the problem is probably in your computer.
3. Reboot the computer.

Pomilka 650, "The remote access server is not responding":

Inaccessible server access. Verify that enabled "Local Area Network Connection" or settings correspond to the member profile.
Error 733
Natisnіst Start - Settings - Control Panel - Network Connections.
Click the right mouse button on the icon VPN-Veles.
Pomilka 735, "The requested address was rejected by the server"
You incorrectly configured VPN-connection to access the Internet.
Pomilka 789, "An incorrect type of VPN connection"
Go to settings and VPN connection on the "Network" from the "Type of VPN" select "Automatic". Try to re-connect.
Pomilki 741, 742, 743, "Invalid configured encryption settings"
Sign in to setup VPN connection in the "Safety" disconnect point "Requires Encryption of data (Otherwise otklyuchatsya)"
Errors 600, 601, 603, 606, 607, 610, 613, 614, 616, 618, 632, 635, 637, 638, 645
Restart the computer.
Remove any recently installed programs or cancel
recent changes to configure Windows, if any.

Pomilka 619 "configured incorrectly security VPN connection, VPN-traffic is blocked on the way to the gateway or VPN configuration does not take effect"

In the properties of the VPN connection, open the "Safety".
takozh vіdsutnya daw "Require data encryption (disconnect if none)."
Check the settings of your firewall if you are not sure of the fidelity configuration - Unplug it.
If the command ping your computer does not get a response, then the problem in the network and must inform the service tech. Support

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