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Items in the menu AWARD BIOS

Once you have entered the main menu options BIOS and recall that this is done when the computer click and hold the delete or F2. We contemplate the Options screen.

At the top of the screen and look at the inscription indicates that we are in the program features bios, followed by year and version of bios.

It also will consider further.

Standart CMOS Features

In this пункті bios combined functions are responsible for setting the system date and time functions of disk drives, reports POST errors.

Advanced BIOS Features

This Point bios contains the functions responsible for setting microprocessor cache memory devices survey order when the computer (an indication of which device should attempt to boot first, second later, etc.) while working keyboard, etc.

Integrated Peripherals

It has built-in functions motherboard devices: audio, video, different controllers, etc.

Power Management Setup

This Point bios contains features that set the mode power computer also features indicate when to enable or disable the computer.

PnP PCI Configuration

At this point placed functions responsible for rassredotachivanie system resources between devices of the computer.

PC Health Status

It collected information on the health of your computer, the temperature of the microprocessor, chipset, internal temperature, fan speed.

MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T)

Item options of various features of the motherboard so named tweaks, the system bus speed, bus speed RAM, optimizing stress.

Load Fail-Safe Default

This item is for himself function.

Load Optimized Defaults

This item is also for himself function.

Set Supervisor Password

This item is used to set the so-called supervisor password, a password, just typing that you can view and edit the values ​​of options BIOS.

Set User Password

This option is similar to the previous one, but is intended to set the user password.

Save & Exit Setup

Save the changes made in BIOS SETUP and out of it.

Exit Without Saving

Exit the BIOS SETUP without saving changes.

Нижче йдуть пояснення до багатофункціональних кнопкам ,методи переміщення по меню. Для переміщення між пт меню( і пт підменю) вживаються стандартні клавіші-стрілки на клавіатурі. Для вибору необхідної функції або пт головного меню потрібно навести на нього покажчик-рамку і натиснути на кнопку ENTER . Вихід з будь-якого пунктут меню в головне меню здійснюється натисненням на кнопку ESC.

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