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Fans EX.ua bombed site of the President and SBU

Official site of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was the victim of an organized movement opponents closing EX.ua.

For about an hour president.gov.ua site opens with notable difficulties - social networks Facebook, Twitter and Twitter extend calls to go to the resource and ping it to ensure that it could not stand the load.

In particular, you can find specific tips on how to increase pressure on the president's website servers.

Yesterday ended service domain ex.ua, which was popular Ukrainian service storage.

Ukrainian police on Tuesday closed the popular country fayloobminnik Ex.ua .Source file sharing Ex.ua was closed by police officers who allegedly came yesterday in the office of "Will-cable" and stopped the operation of the service.

Its owners are accused of illegally distributing copyrighted software, music and video.

"During a search of the office website owners, police confiscated many computers, including 200 servers containing a total of about 6,000 terabytes of information" - said in a press release MIA of Ukraine.

Правоохоронні органи з’ясували, що сайт був запущений громадянином Латвії. 16 осіб, які працювали в офісі Ex.ua, були допитані. Про затриманих не повідомляється. Відповідно до українського законодавства, в разі визнання винними власникам файлообмінника може загрожувати до п’яти років тюремного ув’язнення.

However, sanctions seem to be waiting for not only the owners, but users Ex.ua.

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